The weighing scales BDS-ES is a pocket scale. It has a wide range of applications. It has high adaptability in jewelry scales, gold scales, and jewelry equipment scales

At the same time, as an digital scale, BDS-ES not only carries high-precision sensor, LCD display, and super anti-overload function, 60-second automatic turn off function

When the parts in the production process are sampled for inspection and weighing, the protective cover can be detached and used as a tray, making weighing very convenient and smooth.

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Pocket Scale,Weighing scales,Gold scale
Scale size : 123 x 73 x 34mm,Platform size : 85*65mm,Carton size : 44cm*29cm*35cm ,Color box size: 138*80*24mm,Power : 2xAAA Batteries (included),Packing : 100pcs/carton,20kg color box
Features :
High-precision straining resistance sensor,Stainless Steel platform,Strong anti-overload function,LCD display,blue backlight,Operating temperature: 10-30℃ (optional)
Business,Industry,Gold scale
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